At the heart of the evening’s festivities is the dance floor, which can be brought to life with intelligent dance floor lighting. This favored technique matches light to every second of the music and is controlled by a lighting technician. Iit can visually reinvent a room every few minutes when synchronized with programmable uplights to change colors and create special lighting effects. By responding to the beat of the music, it creates a nightclub experience and adds to the excitement of the dance floor and is no doubt, incredibly modern. Intelligent dance floor lighting is ideal for the imaginative bride and groom who want to spotlight their special moments and get guests gravitating toward the dance floor.


For a delicate and sophisticated glow, many brides prefer incandescent lighting to light architecture and other décor elements, or as a source that will bask guests and the bridal party in a flattering light.Incandescent light is tried, true and the go to source that I use to make the bride, her mother and all the other ladies look beautiful. Incandescent lighting is most effective when used sparingly and as a shadow to the dominant visual. For brides who want to transform their wedding into something magical, incandescent lighting will surely sculpt an alluring vibe.


When strategically paired with other lighting techniques, candles have the propensity to create a dim, magical glow that compliment any and all surrounding subjects. The importance of realizing the unique qualities the bride and groom possess and conveying them through wedding light design. For the bride and groom who wish to have wedding lighting that’s both sultry and complimentary, the glow of candles is a fantastic option.


LED lighting has become a popular choice for brides who prefer a more modern twist to their wedding. Functional and versatile, LED lights add to the ambiance in multifarious ways, from uplighting to brightening centerpieces to projections. LED Lighting has generated a craze because of its many benefits, such as being programmable and providing a variety of colors. At just the touch of a button, the programmer can alter the lighting to accommodate the mood throughout the night. The newest generation of LED lighting is wireless and battery operated, which is perfect for outdoor receptions and hard-to-reach spaces where power can be hard to come by. LED lights are also ideal for the eco-friendly bride in that they are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
The overall efficiency of LED lighting makes it a highly customizable technique that will make any wedding reception shine.No matter which trend you choose to light up your special night, it’s always important to use a professional lighting vendor. While some of the techniques may seem easy, hiring an experienced company is the best way to ensure your perfect ambiance.Their unique understanding of event design techniques and lighting equipment, combined with the ability to mix these elements together in original and unexpected ways, will enable them to create truly unforgettable environments that will surpass your expectations.. The bride and groom should focus on talking to their coordinator to really understand what they’re getting. Lighting is a little technical, and a little mystical, but in the end, lighting is really, really important. So rather than focusing on a trend per se, since we only get married once, have your environment crafted the way you want it to be…

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