What’s Up With This Lighting?

Lighting will effect the dance floor as much if not MORE than Music.  How can this be,  you say? Have you ever been to a dance club where they had all of the “house lights” on?  Or an outdoor dance club that was packed during the middle of the day?

People don’t like to be exposed on a dance floor.  If it’s a slow dance such as a Bride & Groom’s first dance, or a Father/Daughter dance, etc…dancing in the daylight or a brightly lit dance floor is fine.  No one is going to judge you when you’re dancing slowly and sweetly with a loved one.  However, if you start going crazy to a pop, funk, or disco tune, it’s a safe bet you’ll feel “naked” in the bright light of day or under bright venue lights.   When possible, make certain that your venue has the ability to dim the lights on the dance floor.  LED Dance lights that changes colour will help immensely.  You can also choose LED Uplighting around the room to give the room a gorgeous glow with character, and this enhances the dance floor mood, so long as the house lights are fairly dim when dancing begins.

If you want one of those kinds of weddings or parties where people dance the night away and never want it to end, you have to be selective…Hire a fantastic DJ/MC, host it at night or in a dark ballroom during the day, make sure you rent dance lights. LED lights and uplights and make sure the house lights or market lights are able to be dimmed. Check out our wireless LED lighting for your next event.

Turn the lights down and Dance The Night Away!

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